Tips To Win The Corner Kick Handicap In Football Betting

Tips To Win The Corner Kick Handicap In Football Betting 

The corner kick handicap is a form of football betting in which the player does not need to care about match scores. As the name of the bets, the players only need to care about the number of corner kicks of this match. Although this football betting form appear later, it attracted many players to bet on it. In this article, we will introduce to you about corner kick handicap and tips for playing the best. 

How to play corner kick handicap?

The corner kick handicap has many ways to bet. There are some handicaps which are popular like corner kick whole handicap, over/under handicap, first half handicap, first half over/under handicap.

Corner kick whole handicap

The house edge will be based on the analysis to choose the stronger team. Each house edge will give the different odds which is based on the market and the strength of each team. Based on the number of corner kicks to the end of the match, the winner is determined. 

Over/ Under handicap

In over/under handicap, the players only need to choose over or under that the dealer gives. The over is the number of corner kicks greater than the original house offered rate, the under is back.

Although it is a football betting, you only need to know the logical reason, clever, corner kick betting can also bring big profits.

Tips to play corner kick handicap effectively

Firstly, you need to know about the situation of the 2 teams you want to bet on. Information as detailed as possible, such as play style, players, attack, defense. If two teams are evaluated equally, the game rhythm will be stressful. In these cases it is easy to have holes in the defense for the opponent to take advantage of. 

When new players enter the field of the players is very costly. It was a time of constant attack on the opponent's goal. Therefore there will be corner kicks right at the start of the match. Because of this, you should bet from the start of the match.
Normally, the first corner will be for the team to be judged more strongly. If betting on the last corner of a team, the team in need of goal will be more likely to have a last corner, especially the last minutes of the match.

You need to accumulate a lot of experience playing football betting from many different sources to have a more objective view and refer to football forums, sports news, relatives, friends for the most objective comments. Participating in football forums also helps you learn from many experienced people.

House edge’s staff are also registered to participate in football forums to disseminate promotions as well as tracking the psychology of betting players. So you should learn and learn through that channel.

5 tips to bet the corner kick over/under handicap

There are many ways to bet in the corner kick over/under handicap. However, if you want to win this handicap, you need to have your strategy. Below are some tips for you:
- Bet early at the start of the match as corner kicks are very likely to happen at this time.
- If the first half has a few corner kicks, the second half will probably have more corner kick
- These teams have a fast attack style, it is often easier to have a corner kick than teams with a clever and skillful play.
- Priority is given to the matches with the highest number of corner kicks before betting.
- Watch the match that you bet on the corner kick over/under handicap to be able to escape in time.


There are many ways to bet on the handicap in football betting. You should have some tips to win the handicap easier. We hope this article which will help you have your ways to bet on handicap, get many big rewards and defeat the house edge. Good Luck! 


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